3D Printing for the camera department

Daan Stevens
Daan Stevens
12 November 2023 2 mins to read

Ever wondered if a 3D printer is something you should buy? Is it a novel item or can you really get your money’s worth?

As an AC you often need small niche items that don’t exist or cost loads because they get made in such small quantities. But what if you could just print the thing you needed!

This is why 3D printers are a good investment for anyone working in the camera department;

Whether you need a holder for the samsung T7 SSD’s production gave you or you need a spare WCU4 ring so you can use velcro marks… The options are endless. However you might have to design it first.

Let’s sum up the positive and negative:

  • You can design whatever you want, no matter how niche it is. 
  • The cost is relatively low. A good starter printer is will set you back about €400. Fillament is fairly cheap, a 1kg spool will set you back about €20
  • This can be a source of extra income 
  • Tools like ThinkerCAD make designing easy
  • Unique designs might require a design to be made in professional CAD software
  • There is a learning curve to getting the prints perfect
  • It takes time

Luckily there are already loads of designs to download