Tilta Nucleus Nano II Controle Handle released

Daan Stevens
15 November 2023 2 mins to read

After releasing the Nucleus Nano II earlier in 2023, Tilta now releases the Controle Handle, completing the Nucleus Nano lineup

The handle not only adds ergonomics, but also functionality to the Nano 2. Now you’re able to controle 4 Nucleus nano motors from one device.  You’re also able to controle the DJI and Nucleus M motors. 

 The handle also works great as a dedicated zoom handle for operators.

The top of the handle features a 1/4-20″ thread with anti-twist locating pins, as well as a coldshoe, adding loads of monting posibilities. 

A more ergonomicly placed record button has been added. At this time it can only be used for certain Sony, Canon via the USB-C cable or Blackmagic cameras, via Bluetooth.

Right now the handle is still a pre-order, but Tilta expects to be shipping in 3-4 weeks. 

Preorder the Nucleus Nano contole handle: https://tilta.com/shop/nucleus-nano-ii-control-handle/