Early black friday deals at Teltec (EU)

Daan Stevens
16 November 2023 3 mins to read

Teltec, a European (Germany) system supplier for professional media, has the habit of rolling out deals quite often.  Just like every large electronic retailer, they participate in Black Friday deals. Teltec, however, already has their “Pre Black Deals” going on, so no need to wait! 

We’ve selected a few that might already peak your camera department-related interest!

Arri Hi5 + 3 Cforce Plus motors :

-22%  MSRP €19.560

Now €15.290


IDX Micro-150 145Wh V-mount:

-35%  MSRP €375

Now €243,75


DZO Film Vespid Prime Set:

-15%  MSRP €7.000

Now: €5.950


Alexa 35 Poduction Set 19mm Studio:

-20%  MSRP €83,700

Now: €67.124


SmallHD Cine 5 :

-14%  MSRP €1.568

Now €1.348


Teradek Bolt 6LT 750TX/RX:

-9%  MSRP €2.735

Now: €2500


LaCie d2 USB-C (14TB):

-16%  MSRP €461,34

Now: €387,97


Be sure to visit Teltec.de for even more deals!