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Kodak set on releasing a new Super 8 camera, announced in 2016

Kodak set on releasing a new Super 8 camera, announced back in 2016

Daan Stevens
23 November 2023

Early black friday deals at Teltec (EU)

Teltec, a European (Germany) system supplier for professional media, has the habit of rolling out deals quite often.  Just like every large electronic retailer, they participate in Black Friday deals. Teltec, however, already has their “Pre Black Deals” going on, so no need to wait! We’ve selected a few that might already peak your camera…

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1st AC / Focuspuller Gear

Tilta Nucleus Nano II Controle Handle released

After releasing the Nucleus Nano II earlier in 2023, Tilta now releases the Controle Handle, completing the Nucleus Nano lineup The handle not only adds ergonomics, but also functionality to the Nano 2. Now you’re able to controle 4 Nucleus nano motors from one device.  You’re also able to controle the DJI and Nucleus M…

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Gear Knowledge Tech

3D Printing for the camera department

Ever wondered if a 3D printer is something you should buy?

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Gear Tech

DJI transmission combo released

Dji drops a new low latency wireless video combo.

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TVLogic 7hs review

Can the new TVLogic 7" be a worthy successor? We take a look at the 7-Hs

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PSU4 : Vantage’s Answer for High-end Video Playback and Worldwide Streaming (review)

An all-in-one video playback and streaming device for high-end productions

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