Daan Stevens
26 October 2023 2 mins to read

The DJI Osmo Pocket 3 is finaly here and it’s a nice and solid upgrade from the Pocket 2.

A new 1 inch sensor

While it’s still shooting at a max resolution of 4K, the dynamic range has improved drasticly, as well as the light sensitivity of the camera. 120fps is supported without compromises but you’ll have to switch to HD to make use of the 240fps. 

Swivle Screen

A new and far larger swivel  screen has been added making it even useable to frame your image on. The previous version had a hard to navigate touchscreen, something the new screen has seem to solve. The screen swivle also dubbles as the camera’s “main power-on feature” and can also be a trigger to instantaniously start recording.

Build Quality

The new Osmo Pocket feels more durable than the previous version. Slightly larger and a little heavier. It’s still made of a high quality plastic but the added size makes it easier to handle.

Usecase in professional settings.

I’ve seen the Osmo Pocket show up on set quite a few times. This is a go-to camera if you ever need securitycam type footage as you’re able to recreate the scanning motion of a CCTV camera with ease. 

There also isn’t a camera easier to rig inside a car than an Osmo Pocket. You’ll be surprised at how often you’ve seen images from this camera without realising it. 

The D-log M 10bit recording setting will give you plenty of room to color match with the A-Cam


The Osmo Pocket 3 does not have any native mounting options. You’ll need either the battery handle for a 1/4″ thread. Another option is to add the Osmo Pocket 3 Expansion Adapter. This will work great with existing gopro style mounts. 


DJI offers quite a few accesories for the Osmo Pocket upon it’s release.

  • Magnetic ND Filter set
  • Magnetic Black Mist Filter
  • Expansion Adapter (gopro mount)
  • DJI Mic 2 (to be released)