DJI transmission combo released

Daan Stevens
4 September 2023 2 mins to read

After releasing the DJI transmission a while ago, they have now released an independent receiver.​

Many prayers have been answered now that DJI released an independent receiver for the DJI transmission. The initial product was launched nearly a year ago, but up until now, it was only possible to receive the broadcasted video on their own monitor with a buit-in receiver.

Unfortunately, this made it a dealbreaker for larger productions where multiple receivers are needed. 

Source: DJI

With this newly released combo  and posibility to buy seperate receivers, DJI has started to creep into the market that was dominated by Teradek and Vaxis. Coming in at a price of €2999 for the combo and €1299 for a receiver, they’re in direct competition with the Bolt LT 750 SDI by Teradek and the Vaxis Storm 1000s package.

Source: DJI

Claiming a whopping 20.000ft of range at 40Mbps, this package will surely be sufficient for any highend production. 

The fast channel switching so you can receive video from another camera is also a great feature. Where up untill a few years ago you needed either another set of TX-RX, now you’re able to use the same receiver to acces multiple video transmissions in seconds. 

DJI also highlights the frequentie hopping of their video signals, which should result in a more stable connection.

Source: DJI

I feel we’ll be seeing these DJI transmitters arriving on set fairly soon as they seem a solid choice for any type of production.

Watch the announcement video for more info.