Gamechanger to the video village? Ovide Koko might be on your list next time

Daan Stevens
29 July 2023 2 mins to read

Low budget shows often have to work with small camera crews and one of the first positions to ditch is the Video Assistant. While this function is extremely valuable and can save the production loads of time.

Often the solution is giving the  Script Supervisor a recording/playback device. Most popular being the Sound Devices Pix 240i, this for it’s small form factor, easy of use and most of all, tactile buttons. While this device hasn’t been made for years, I still see it as the main playback device on loads of sets.The age makes them prone to faults and difficult to get replacement parts for, so rentals have been searching for a replacement for years.

The ancient Pix 240i
Source: Sound Devices
Source: Ovide

In comes Ovide with Koko

A relatively small recording/playback device that can receive up to 4 sdi signals. Its main advantag is the 10′ screen, boasting 1000 nits of brightness, making it daylight viewable in a shaded environment. While playback devices aren’t usually used to rewatch the content, the fact that you can makes it even more usable.

The downside however is that there are no tactile buttons and you have to rely on touchscreen, causing smudges on the screen and having to undo gloves in cold working conditions. With some luck they might develop a separate interface, solving this issue.

So next time you’re putting your rental list together, ask if they have the KOKO in house!

Koko can also be purchased at various retailers:

Source Ovide