PSU4 : Vantage’s Answer for High-end Video Playback and Worldwide Streaming (review)

Daan Stevens
29 July 2023 2 mins to read

Operating the PSU4 was a blast, after the initial learning curve, the posibilities felt endless.

Working on the German film series “Immenhof” I had the oportunity to use one of the final beta versions of the PSU4. While still unreleased, the PSU4 was already a finished product, they just needed loads of on set experience to call it finished.

After a brief explanation by a Vantage technician and having a call with the main creator of the PSU4, I felt sufficiantly prepared to head out to the german countyside. 

The PSU4 is very user friendly and you’ll get the hang of it within the first day of using it. The device is operated via a large non-reflecting touchscreen, boasting 1100 Nits of brightness, so daylight viewable in most light situations. 

While it’s main features are to be found on the main layout view (record, trim clip, screenshot,output routing,… ), extra functionalities like Chroma Keying and live streaming are quickly engaged. 

In my experience, the PSU4 was able to create quick trims and edits to show as reference to the Script Supervisor and Director. No need for playbacks in camera, all footage was playable and managable from the device. The fact you also have an integrated system to stream footage to unlimited crewmembers’ phones, is also a great feature! This system also alows it to be a streaming device to wherever globally.

Another great fuction is the ability to set preset SDI-out routing. Making it easy to set all displays to one cam or assign all of them to their respected camera, the configuration can be set to whatever you want. 

I had a blast using the PSU4 and was able to become a master of the device within days. I could only recommend renting it next time you go for those sweet Hawk lenzes.

Source: Vantage