TVLogic 7hs review

Daan Stevens
30 August 2023 4 mins to read
Released in early 2023, the TVLogic 7Hs was a long-awaited update of the universally loved 7H series. A robust and reliable monitor that could withstand any condition thrown at it. While largely unchanged since its release as the original 7H, the monitor is up there as one of the most used by focuspullers.



As mentioned above, the TVLogic 7 series has been one of the best monitors to judge sharpness on, which is debatably the most important feature for a focuspuller.

Reliability is also a main factor when buying a monitor. Not only the fact that it displays accurate sharpness, but also that it won’t quit on you in difficult conditions. The robust frame of the 7HS assures you that a bump won’t kill the monitor.

The physical buttons are also a beloved feature. Many other brands chose to implement touchscreen displays in their recent models. This to the horror of many focuspullers. Touchscreens are also often hard to control in cold or damp climates.  Having the three assignable buttons makes fast changes easy. I chose to assign my buttons to brightness, zoom, and black and white.

Any Dislikes?

The 7hs does still have the same and somewhat slow menu system as the previous iterations. While this isn’t a major drawback, it has led to some frustration in the past. Usually when trying to make quick last-minute adjustments right before a take. 

Peak brightness might be 1800 nits, but you’ll most likely use it at the “outdoor” setting (1500 nits) as the “Max Brightness” setting has a color shift to it. The panel also gets quite hot when being used at the “outdoor” setting for long periods of time. TVLogic advises turning the monitor off whenever it’s not in use.